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The PROJcast

Mar 1, 2018

“It tastes crumby. Not like bad crummy, like food crumby.” - Bryanna, age 12

A picky eater tries new foods with her Smart Partner. Plus, a Playmaking play featuring a food fight, and a song about a very hungry tree.

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The Kids: Ayman, Tatianna, Bryanna, Emmanuel, Sabrina

The Adults: Krystal Lucas, Alexandra O’Daly (, David Shih (, Kareem Lucas (, Instagram:@KareemMLucas), Taylor Trensch, Danny Ursetti

Music for this episode by Avi Amon (, Instagram: @aviamon)

The PROJcast theme song is written by Justin & Eric March (Twitter: @eriqmarch), and performed by Rebecca, Nicole, and Marinda Anderson (Instagram: @marindaanderson, Twitter: @marindanderson).

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A production of The 52nd Street Project, a non-profit arts education organization working with the children (ages 9 - 18) in Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan. The Project brings kids together with adult artists to create original work for the theater. The PROJcast offers a behind-the-scenes view of the work of the Project as the kids create and explore theater as well as other art forms, such as song, dance, poetry, film and more. Long term-mentoring relationships form the basis of much of the Project’s work, and these episodes will feature reporting, stories, performances and interviews with kids and adults.

The 52nd Street Project is supported by The Altman Foundation, The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation.

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