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The PROJcast

Dec 14, 2017

“In the beginning, I was like, oh my god, what is my play gonna be about?” - Lakshmi, age 13

“When we go on the trips and get to spend time with everyone, and they take away your phone, that’s the best part...I totally forgot I had a phone.” - Lakshmi, age 13

We hear more from Smart Partners Lakshmi & January...

Dec 1, 2017

“I remember writing the play and how agonizing it was.” - Emmanuel, age 13

Kids and adults take a look at The 52nd Street Project’s signature program: Playmaking!

- - - - -

The Kids: Karen, Emmanuel, Gianna, Jayden, Nyla, Amari, Ethan, Lakshmi, Rosneyri

The Adults: Tim J. Lord, Frankie J. Alvarez, January LaVoy,...

Nov 17, 2017

The 52nd Street Project is creating a new monthly podcast, the PROJcast. You'll hear all kinds of content. Stories, interviews, songs, poems, radio journalism, and more. All of it by and about kids and adults participating in The 52nd Street Project. This teaser is a sampler of what you'll find on our show. Come back...