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The PROJcast

May 18, 2023

"It’s so strange how my perception and understanding of time as a concept has changed" - Sarah, age 15.

In a follow-up to the previous episode of the PROJcast, Smart Partners & Amazing Racers Sarah & Lynne reflect on their years-long partnership, their feelings about the Project, and perhaps most importantly, who’s going to win the race this year.

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Project Member: Sarah with her Smart Partner Lynne Marie Rosenberg.

The PROJcast theme song was written by Justin & Eric March (Twitter: @eriqmarch), and is performed by Rebecca, Nicole, & Marinda Anderson (Instagram: @marindaanderson, Twitter: @marindanderson).

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A production of The 52nd Street Project, a non-profit arts education organization working with children (ages 9 - 18) in Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan. The Project brings kids together with adult artists to create original work for the theater. The PROJcast offers a behind-the-scenes view of the work of the Project as the kids create and explore theater as well as other art forms, such as song, dance, poetry, film and more. Long term-mentoring relationships form the basis of much of the Project’s work, and these episodes will feature reporting, stories, performances and interviews with kids and adults.

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