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The PROJcast

Feb 15, 2018

“Any little thing that you say makes me laugh...and I don’t find that many people funny.” - Britney, age 18

Smart Partners Britney & Flor chat about roller coasters, dancing, and Britney’s departure for college.

- - - - -

The Kids: Britney

The Adults: Flor de Liz Perez (

The PROJcast theme...

Feb 1, 2018

“I think I asked her like, almost, probably, every when could I get a Smart Partner.” - Chayse, age 17

Let’s take a closer look at Smart Partner mentorships at The Project!

- - - - -

The Kids: Chayse, Britney, Sevan, Lovely, Valeria

The Adults: Korey Jackson, Flor De Liz Perez (,...